Dude!!  I had to go everywhere today just to get today’s shopping done (5 different places!!)…  (Day after Memorial Day, I guess every restaurant is stocking back up…)

I also had to go get some tequila for a new marinade that I’m testing out, but none of the places I shop seem to sell any booze…  When I finally find some decently priced tequila over at Restaurant Depot, they’re telling me that I can’t buy any because I don’t have an ABC license.

cashier:  “Hey, you can’t buy that without an ABC license.”

me:  “Oh, it’s only 1 bottle and I was hoping to buy it for personal use; I’ll even pay all the taxes and everything.”

cashier:  “Sorry, we can’t sell it to you for personal use.”

me:  “Common…  I have a little problem and it’d help if I can buy my meds here.”

cashier:  (doesn’t know weather to do an amused smile or nervous smile….)