Yay!  Great fun today...

Today I got to unclog the toilet.  For those of you who think being a restauranteur is super sexy, you should see me with a plunger and a snake!  =P  (Hey, that's the price you pay for being a restaurant owner.)

That wasn't the worst of it...

One of my cashiers was telling me about a very attractive customer who came in yesterday by herself.

Cashier:  "Hey Gavin, there was this really cute girl who came in yesterday after you left."

Me:  "Oh, that sucks."

Cashier:  "She was really really pretty.  She was probably the prettiest Asian girl who came by since I started working here."

Me:  "Oh man...  that really sucks, I guess I should have stayed yester...."

Cashier:  "Oh yeah, Timbo would have agreed that she was probably the most attractive customer who was probably even Korean."

Me:  "Hey wait up...  I thought you were being nice, but I'm starting to think you're rubbing it in..."

Cashier:  "Yeah, you're right... it is kind of mean how I'm telling you about how you missed the cutest girl ever to come the restaurant." (*grinning*)