Sorry to the 3 people who actually read this blog!!  (It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog because of a lot of drama…)

Our next door neighbor decided to try to make life insanely difficult for us, so he called the police, fire department, buildings & permit, and gone to city hall meeting to try to shut us down.  (He doesn’t like the smoke from our grills and doesn’t even want the banner up that helps to divert some of the smoke.)  I’m pretty sure he lives in the building at the car wash, doesn’t chain his dog, and did not get an EPA report for the property, but… (Bah~  I shouldn’t play his game and mess him up with ordinances.)

So after waking up at 5AM every morning to go down to buildings & permit, I learned that the problems I inherited from the previous owner could be fairly easily remedied.  Yay!!  (Thanks to inspector Mark Van Slooten, William Garcia, Pat Dunning, and the guys at the fire department!  Everyone helped me out a lot!!)  Oh yeah, and our grills are still good to go, we just need to move them further away from the sidewalk.