awesome picture from Lisa T.

Wow, it’s been about 4 months since opening our Alhambra location… It’s been rough!

One of the reasons why I got into the restaurant business was to show my parents that I was able to do everything on my own, be it even a small business. But everything would have collapsed on me if it wasn’t for my parents.

My parents are big shot business people who were upset initially when I announced that I was going to open a restaurant. “We came to this country, put you through school, so you can do what?!?!” hahaha~ But I guess they finally saw what I was trying to accomplish and decided to make sure that this was going to succeed.

The whole deal had to be put together incredibly quickly. I had found the location, but other buyer was moving in on the deal so I did not have any room to negotiate. It was a pre-existing restaurant but it still needed substantial work to get everything changed to accommodate our menu. (I might bore you guys with leasing details in a future post.)

Long story short, good ‘ol Dad helped set all the equipment and made sure that I would pass inspections and had everything running and both parents helped run the LA location while I was making sure everything was setup with the Alhambra location. (Everything was a mess… I’ll probably explain more in future posts about the start.)