Cashier: Hey Gavin! LADWP is calling and telling us that they are going to shut down the power!
Me: What?!?!
Cashier: They left a call back number.

(calling the number…)
Basically, the guy tells me that the recent problems with LADWP’s website has caused all payments to be suspended and that my account is overdue. To stop power from being disconnected, I had to go reload a “Green Dot Card” that is used for government payments within the next 30 minutes.

Me: Hey, this makes no sense… I already made payment, can’t I just run over to the LADWP office to do payment right now?
Guy: The tech is already on route and will shut off your power unless you can verify payment.
Me: What?? Common man… and I don’t understand why you have a (415) area code for your telephone number. I’m just going to the LADWP office, you have to at least give me another 20 mins just to verify if you’re the real deal.
Guy: Sir, what I’m telling you is very real and official government business. You will just have your power disconnected and once your account is current, we will come turn it back on.

Long story short… SCAM!