Wow, I’m dizzy!  It’s been several days since I’ve had coffee, but I guess the coffee I picked up today was insanely strong…  (I still can’t stand up…)

Yay, new camera, so I’ll be posting up random pics at the restaurant.  I’ll be posting up new food pics, funny things that happen here, or just cute customers…  (Leave a comment and tell me what you guys want to see!)

Since I’m all drunk off my coffee, I remember seeing a cute girl that I saw yesterday at the restaurant while I was testing out a new marinade outside on the new grills…  She was pretty cute, but dang… she really hopped the curb while driving out of the parking lot!  Maybe she shouldn’t be on the phone while driving?  Or maybe she was thinking of the dreamy owner guy she just talked to….  hahaha~!!  Yeah, yeah… I know… wangja byung.  (For those who don’t know what that is, get your Korean friends to explain it to you.)