Oh man!

I’ve been spending all my time over at Building & Permits over in L.A. lately.  The previous owner left me with a huge building code mess that I really did not know about.  Most of the people over there are really nice and try to help me out, but there’s this one inspector who’s giving me so much grief!

Me:  “Ok, here’s the document you wanted that states that the Certificate of Occupancy was ok’ed and finalized back in ’04 with your signature and date.”

Inspector Garcia:  (looking at the paper…)  “Yeah, that’s my writing and signature, but the certificate was not issued and there are issues with your building….”

Me:  “I’m trying to get the Certificate that will allow me to I can get the permits to get everything up to code.  So you aren’t going to give me the Certificate that was you ok’ed and finalized?”

Inspector Garcia:  “No, I can’t issue the Certificate because work needs to be done..”

Me: “…but I need that certificate to get the work done.  The architect already drew up plans and trying to submit the work, but we need the certificate.”

Inspector Garcia:  “Here’s the restaurant inspector; you don’t need me anymore so I’m going to go.”  (turns around and leaves)