Oh man!  I just missed the cute Korean customer who used to come here…  I thought she stopped coming, but I guess she does come once in a while.  =*  Oh that note, a cute Hispanic girl came in last night with her boyfriend.  Dang, she was cute enough to almost break my Korean only rule…  =P  Good thing she had a boyfriend with her, or who knows what I would have done…  Hey, it’s been practically an year since I’ve been on a real date!  =(

Sorry I haven’t been blogging!  Tons of stuff have been happening with the restaurant, but I really couldn’t write about it.  There was an incident where a potential hire looked like he was going to kill everyone here, more drama in the kitchen, stupid neighbor problems, and another potential hire freak’d me out by not wearing any makeup.  (Hey, she looked completely different and she went from pretty cute to looking like a cancer patient!!)  Yeah, I know I’m kind of messed up, but it’s true!!  >.<