Oh man… I really need find me a girlfriend.

It’s rare, but there are people who radiate with life – so bubbly and full of energy they infect all those around them. One of my cashiers is this rare case. She is cute, funny, and so full of life that I enjoy listening to her stories and seeing her reactions whenever she comes in.

One day I realized that my feelings for Cashier girl was changing from amusement to… well.. it just became difficult to be around her. On one hand, I looked forward to seeing her come in and tell her stories but on the other, it pained me because I started to long for her and wanted more. At one point it got so bad, I couldn’t stay at the restaurant when she was on shift.

Cashier girl is super young and not Korean. (I prefer someone from a similar cultural background, able to speak Korean, and blend in get along with my parents.) Besides, she is very young and still making sense of herself and the world around her. It would never work out and I would loose a good worker and risk lawsuit.

Me going on a few dates was able make me right in the head again, but I feel it starting to happen again. Crap. I just need to remember, lawsuit & worker turnover. Lawsuit & worker turnover, lawsuit & worker turnover…

I should probably just try to steal pastor girl away from her boyfriend instead… =P