Sorry everyone who bother reading the blog for not blogging for a really long time!

I’ve been really busy just running the restaurant…  the new stuff you guys might recognize that we have a couple new cashiers here and we have some new banners that are up, but trust me… I’ve been busy with a lot of b.s. behind the scenes.  =T

On a positive note… I saw a few cute girls this week.  (I know it’s sad, but I’m freak’n stuck here all the time!)  One of our cuter Korean customers is back from San Jose, there is a cute Hispanic girl working at the Costco, and I ran into a pretty cute customer who runs a cafe at Costco again.  (Yeah, I really need to get out more.)  I even tried bribing the cashiers to give me a heads up when a cute customer comes by.  If any of you know any cute, smart, Korean girls, let me know!  I’m sure we can work out some free chimichangas and I’ll even go old school Korean tradition of springing for a suit or a dress to whoever set me up if the setup ends up in marriage!  =P