We have a little cashier girl who looks like a little Jr. High kid. This girl is small, cute, and just says whatever pops into her head:

(While doing a tasting with the older cashiers.) “Hey, I don’t get to taste the margarita? You know, I have an older sister and we drink all the time so it should be ok.”

(While opening.) “It’s ok if I listen to Radio Disney, right?”

Anyways, she’s usually really cheerful and makes everyone around her feel good about themselves, but she sneaked back into the restaurant a few hours after her shift and just hid in the corner with her hoodie pulled over her head. We had no idea how she got in and she was so fast!

I always get a little worried whenever employees come in when they’re not working and the little girl looked upset and about to cry. Dang it!! I bought some chocolates earlier in the day and was forced to share… =*