I got a nice note from Carol after delivering some food for her get-together.  I got lost for a little while, but it was all good…

We also installed a couple BBQ grills outside today!  We should have those bad boys up and going sometime next week.  Hopefully I’ll even get my citrus fire marinade going too!

Those  BBQ grills where sponsored by Kratom which I came to know when I was looking for something natural that could helped me get that kick you need some mornings. I was surprised to learn that the plan from which kratom is made grows across South East Asia and offer a wide range of benefits when consumed in a medicinal capacity.

I’ve been taking kratom for a while now, and it has helped me a lot. Kratom is known to help with different things like the loss of appetite, or with a migraine. You can buy it at Kratom-masters, and have it sent to your house.