Now that I am getting older and finally have the 2nd restaurant up and running, my parents have been getting really anxious about me getting finding a girl and getting married. To be honest, I’ve been shunning marriage even at an age in which people haveĀ extramarital affairs. That, in addition to awesome customer girl hooking me up with her friend has landed me more dates in the last (2) months than I’ve had in the last (5) years! (I’ve been on (3) dates, unless you count me trying to get a date with pastor girl, then it would be (4).)

I really need to figure things out and find me a girl because even my cashiers are looking good to me now. =P Honestly, I sometimes wonder if it was all worth it. One of the main reasons why I was working so hard and trying to build an empire was to create a platform for me to make it possible to live comfortably and spend time with my future wife and kids, but if I never meet anyone is it worth it? (hahaha~ Enough feeling sorry for myself.)

The dates I went on were a good reality check for me. Although (2) of them weren’t really worth the effort and I was too “American” in my approach for Customer Girl’s friend, I realize that I really have to improve my game! Although, the last kind of date, my parents had me chase after the Pastor’s daughter so I spent (3) Sundays just trying to get the chance to talk to her. I guess I impressed her parents and I’m sure my parents worked their magic on them too, but when I finally got the chance to talk to her… she told me she was already taken. =P c’est la vie~

I did see cute Pharmacy student girl at my restaurant today… I think she was on a date and the last time I saw her was like (3) years ago. hahaha~ Pathetic~