**thinking of only sunshine & bubble gum**

Yay, vegan cook is back!  He beat whatever crazy ailment got to him and he’s back with all his witty comments…  This guy is hilarious and everyone working here missed the week he was sick.  You would think that this guy would be all peace & love & “don’t be mean”, but wow… some of the things that comes out of his mouth even makes me blush.

Me:  “Hey, I got a call from Food Network for a show called “Heat Seekers” wanting to showcase the restaurant”.

Vegan Cook: “I got a great tagline for you to use.”

Me:  “Bah, we haven’t even changed all the signage yet and I’m trying to get that freak’n grill going…”

Vegan Cook:  “Just use it later…  Cha Cha Chili… it’s so hot, you’ll need a tampon for your ass!”

Me:  *busting up laughing until younger cashier walks by*  “Uhmm… that’s inappropriate so we’ll just save that for next time…”