The last (2) weeks have been horrible!!  Practically all of my employees screwed me over with the exception of my two awesome morning crew cashiers, Jen (Ms. Smiley) and Jose (Mr. Dog-Bite-Man).

[This all happened within a (2) week span.]

Cook – 2.5 hours late (thought she can buy a car and get back from Riverside to make her shift)

Cook – 2 hours late (had to get his hair done and came in 2 hours late even though I had to get a catering order out.)

Cook – No show (could not sleep because he was thinking of an injury he had a week before, so he called me to tell me he can’t make it to work.)

Cashier – No show (thought he could go and come back from San Diego before his shift during rush hour traffic on Friday.)

Cook – 4PM on Saturday…  (“Oh, we’re going to need some more tortillas for tomorrow”.  Would be ok if it weren’t for the fact we can’t get delivery on Sunday and the business is already closed!)

Cashier – Leaves 2 hours early (“I have a personal family emergency so I have to leave because my parents aren’t home… it’s personal so I can’t tell you and I should could take off any time in the future because of personal issues and you’re lucky I came in to work some of the hours during my shift today”.)

Cook -No grilling on Sat. (“Oh, I didn’t know you wanted me to grill… ohhh… so that’s why you explained and showed everything to me the day before?”)

Cook – 2.5 hours late – causes Sunday close (too much drinking the night before)