Cha Cha Chili (est. 2009) – nestled in between Cal State Los Angeles, USC Medical, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, Alhambra, in some strange industrial area.  We are a crazy Korean-Mexican Fusion restaurant that incorporates flavors from Asia, Mexico, and the good ‘ol USA to make awesome dishes like Korean Tacos, Korean Angus Burgers, Chimichangas, and Korean Philly Cheese Steaks.

Gavin – the obnoxiously handsome, kind, super smart, and modest leader of Cha Cha Chili, believes in creating an enjoyable experience for guests and continues to improve on the quality of the brand.  We want to add more options for locals who might want something different from King Torta or Troy’s Burger and even become an attraction and lure in all the Yelpers who are tired of chasing down the Kogi Truck.  Cha Cha Chili promises to continue to improve the food and add new tasty options.


Karen N.
Rowland Heights, CA


I met Kogi’s greatest competitor last night…and they were good!!

Located in the ghetto suburbs of Los Angeles,  Cha Cha Chili is literally a “hole in the wall” type of restaurant. Luckily, I went in on a slow night, so there were no lines to wait in, and plenty of seats to sit in. 🙂

The restaurant is really small, so you might have to sit outside or eat in the car on a busy day. The food took a little longer than I expected, but that’s okay! It was well worth the wait.

Friendly service, really good food,  5 stars!!!


Amy L.

Monterey Park, CA



Dang I think this is the best korean BBQ burrito I ever ate. First time here  and all the workers were super nice to me. They also have a ” SECRET MENU ” right infront of the cash register LOL. Kimchee quesadilla!! Seriously gooddddd! Other stuff are really really good. Big portion for a very cheap price! I haven’t order the Chimichanga but it look so good since the people right next to us were eating it while me and my friends watch as our eyes open wide IM LIKE DANG how did that fit in his mouth LOL then he chock maybe its probably because us staring?? Hahahah, yah yah Mushroom bomb! Cha Cha fries, I feel like trying to whole menu. This may be fattening but you know once in awhile! Or otherwise gym timeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Alicia C.

Los Angeles,CA


I really wish there was one these closer to me. This place beats out all of the Korean B.B.Q/Mexican fusion trucks out there. The prices are decent, the portions are good and most importantly, the food is delicious! The short rib tacos are great….meat is marinated to perfection and all of the toppings in the tacos make it even better. The sliders are also very good. I want to go back and try all of the different things on the menu! It is kind of in a random location, but I go out of the way just to come here. I definitely recommend that you try Red Hot Kitchen!


David E.

Alhambra, CA


In my opinion, Red Hot Kitchen is a lot better than any of the korean taco trucks out there today.  The tacos are bigger and tastier.  The lines are shorter and move quicker.  Sliders and fish tacos kick butt. The other tacos are just as good!


Margaret F.

Los Angeles, CA


One of the most pleasant eating experiences I have had in a VERY long time. Had the torta (which isn’t on the menu) Talk about it being a huge torta! It was very flavorful and yummy!
Also tried the stuffed mushrooms… also a HIT!
The venue is small but it’s a must try! GOOD EATS! GOOD PORTIONS! What else can you ask for???

MMmmmmm! 2 thumbs up! YAY!