Yay, it’s Monday and I come back to the restaurant to… “Gavin, what’s going on with my tips?!!?”

Me:  “Uhhh… You guys take care of your own tips and I don’t have anything to do with your tips.  You know that I don’t even touch your tip jar.”

Employee:  “Well, I got ripped out of my share on Friday and no one is taking responsibility for it.”

Me:  (Then I talk about the legal reasons why I don’t even touch tips, which is incredibly boring even to me.)

Employee:  “I don’t care what you have to say.  You should take care of the problem and fix the tip problem.”

Me:  “The only thing I can really do is get rid of your tip jar altogether and I don’t really mind doing that, but it’s not so good for you guys.”

Employee:  “Whatever, I don’t care if you do that.  I just want my fair share of what’s coming to me.”  (Then walks away.)

Oh yeah, fun stuff at Cha Cha Chili!!  =P