hahaha~ Ok, another post about bad employees, kind of…

During the last 4 months, I had
* (2) employees get arrested and deported
* (1) kind of sexual harassment problem
* (2) incidents where almost all my cooks left me
* (1) restaurant that I was planning on firing everyone

Even though all these things happened, the guys I have with me now are some of the best guys around and I enjoy going to work and spending time with my crew.

The restaurant business is a people business. Sure, you work with food, but what makes or breaks a restaurant is its people. Even with an awesome menu and kick-ass concept for the customers in the area, having the right people will either make or break the business. It only takes one employee to take the extra step to make sure to smile and make certain everything is right or decide to let their personal life invade work and not come to work or just don’t bother adding spicy mayo because the bottle is empty.

My bother is fascinated that my restaurants are more cut-throat than even some of the top equity firms he worked for, but that is the nature of the business. Making good honest food available at a reasonable price is not easy.