Last week an attractive girl came in at night to pickup an order while I’m at the cash register.  *Awesome!  Time for my sleazy pickup routine!*  But some old guy jumps in to “talk” to her.  [Note:  Unless we (guys) are incredibly bored or forced to interact with you (girls) for work, school, or to order a burger, we are “hitting” on you, unless you’re not cute, then we’re not hitting on you.] =P

So I’m thinking, that’s cool, I’ll just lie in wait and hit her with my sleazy lines when… A younger guy AND his mom start chatting up the girl!  Whoa, Wingmom!!  I’ve seen girls act as a “wingman” for guys, but wingmom??  At that point it was like purposely crashing my car into a (10) car pileup so I retreated to the back to input more expenses on the restaurant spreadsheet.


Oh, we have a new cashier at the restaurant!  I’m happy that she decided to come aboard and hopefully she doesn’t read the blog!  If you see an Asian girl working the cash register say “hi” to Rie (“Ree-yay”).  She’s Peruvian-Japanese, so she’d be a Japanese girl who was born in Peru.  Her mannerisms are very Asian, but speaks perfect Spanish.  Stupid thing is that I sometimes catch myself speaking Korean to her.  =T