Dang!!  Some people are too trusting!!

Today, a really nice family… (well, 1 bride-to-be, her sister, and their mom) came over to inquire about catering.  They were asking me if I could cater the wedding!  Oh man!  It was going to be an outside reception for about 250 people over in Whittier.

I probably could have made some good money, but there was no way I could insure good quality food for that many people that far away so I had to regretfully decline.  The people who came in were really nice, but way too much pressure with the wedding thing.  hahaha~  This is the 3rd catering gig I had to decline because of distance or quantity of food required.  I just don’t want to make a quick buck and screw people over with bad food.  Honestly, I don’t even like people taking our food to go most the time because the quality suffers.

Coincidentally, we have a cater gig over in Rowland Heights tomorrow.  The customer was pretty persistent with getting us to cater.  She approached us about 2 months in advance and kept going at it.  Wow, the way she conducted herself was super pro.  I really thought she must have been one of the top agents in a major trading company or some other major business.  (Anyways, I hope tomorrow works out well without any problems!  =)